Payment Solutions

You can do anything online these days, including working remotely, ordering pizza, chatting with your friends, and even purchasing a used car. These digitized habits are ingrained in everyone’s daily lives, which means “online” is the first place your propane customers are going to expect to make their payments for propane fuel deliveries and heating service. Do you have online payment solutions set up for customers when they go looking? If not, Suburban Software would be pleased to help.


Auto Pay for Tank Rentals

Want to make things easier for both your customers and your team? Utilize Suburban Software’s Auto Pay option, which charges tank or cylinder rent at the appropriate interval on each and every tank in service. Individual tanks may be charged rent monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, and multiple tanks can be assigned to a single customer (but don’t worry—the system ensures that each tank is only assigned to one customer at a time). Through our software, you can even offer selective automatic tank rent discounts based on your customers’ gas usage within the billing period.

“Pay Now” Option

Get customers to pay while they’re thinking about their bill—we can put a “Pay Now” link on your e-bills and statements. When a customer clicks the link, they will be directed to a secure portal login where they can pay their bill immediately, reducing the risk of delinquency and overdue accounts.

Take Credit Card Payments In Store

There’s a small percentage of people who prefer to make in-person payments, and we’re happy to make your life easier in that regard as well. Boost your sales and increase your cash flow by quickly and securely taking credit card payments in store with our easy-to-use platform.

Maximum Security

We take great pride in financial security. Through our partnership with Paragon Solutions, we offer secure credit card terminals that allow you to take cards in house without concern of violating EMV/PCI regulations and requirements. Our security practices include:

  • Encrypted credit card information storage
  • Secure credit card interface to credit vendor
  • Credit card payments created automatically
  • Automatic credit card charging

SSS Credit Card Billing Screenshot

Budget Billing

Every propane company manager or operator knows that budget billing is a good deal for both the marketer and the customer—after all, it provides stability through level billing, no finance charges, automatic delivery, stable cash flow, predictable delivery scheduling, and best of all, happy customers. Our budget billing platform goes a step above to manage your monthly budget rate, balance, non-budget item balance, and past-due balance. These balances are shared on your customers’ monthly statements, keeping everyone in the loop of how much is due and at what time.

Recommended Budget Rates

When the system has accumulated sufficient delivery history on the customer’s account, it will provide you and your team with recommended budget rates. The recommended rate can even be used as part of a promotional message that appears on each customer’s statement.

Suburban Softwares Budget Payment Management Screenshot

Budget Benefits

  • Use pre-sealed statements with an enclosed return envelope
  • Print up to five lines of sales messages
  • Print delinquent messages on past-due accounts
  • Report to budget customers how much they need to pay
  • Use postcard statements to lower cost
  • Choose from laser statement options
  • Email statements to customers to cut postage cost and paper use
  • Print statements to send to customers with no email addresses
  • Outsource statements to one of our third-party solutions, decreasing time and cost spent monthly