Truck Tracking

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see all your fleet trucks on the road from a computer, in real time? With Suburban Software’s truck tracking solutions, you can! We pride ourselves in making your job easier, and that means GPS tracking of your delivery trucks on the road so you can see their locations at any time from any Internet-capable device. But knowing where your trucks are located isn’t the only benefit of GPS location-enabled technology. Keep reading to learn why our clients love the truck tracking feature of our software.


Benefits of Live Truck Tracking

Real-Time Gas Order Dispatching

Office personnel can send gas orders from the office system to trucks on the road in real time through our easy-to-use truck tracking application. Drivers are notified on the portable propane system when an order arrives.

Messaging between Office & Trucks

You can also send text messages from the office system to your trucks in real time. Drivers are notified on the screen of their tablet or device when a message arrives. This enables you to implement real-time delivery or provide updates to drivers easily when needed.

Display and Track Your Fleets on a Map

Information is power! Allow your team to see your fleet’s current locations on a map so everyone stays in the loop about the latest happenings in your company’s work day. Our laser-accurate GPS systems enable the system to record the latitude and longitude of each delivery point, removing any ambiguity or confusion about the property or tank location.

Remote Transfer

Say goodbye to the era of manual data entry and hello to the seamless efficiency of our remote file transfer solution. No more jotting down information on paper only to later input it into a computer system. Embrace the power of modern technology, enabling truck drivers to effortlessly update their vehicles and transmit transactions directly to the office via the internet from any location. Embrace a future where data entry is a thing of the past, and productivity soars with the convenience of real-time remote file transfer.


Laptop truck tracking screenshot

Need Driver Devices?

We are authorized resellers of Getac rugged touch-screen tablets and would be pleased to provide your team with devices on which to access the Portable Propane System module.