Have you ever had a driver get lost on a route or unintentionally take the scenic route? That’s valuable time, expensive fuel, and billable hours lost from your portfolio. Work smarter with Suburban Software. Our mapping module automatically optimizes your route sequencing, maximizing efficiency while minimizing distance, operating costs, and time required to service a route. This optimizes your time on the road and creates opportunities for business growth while shrinking your fixed operating costs.


Detailed Route Summary

Our Route Summary is completely integrated with your accounts receivable. You can trust the map to display a complete stop-by-stop description of the route, including:

  • Arrival and departure times
  • Quantity of product to be delivered
  • Estimated delivery duration
  • Detailed directions
  • Driving distance
  • Customer tank positioning (saves drivers time at every stop)
  • Total distance
  • Total duration (includes pumping time)
  • Total cost based on distance and your cost per mile

The Mapping Module Goes One Step Further

The mapping module adds the final touch to the routing and dispatching function. After preselecting which customers are to be delivered, the system can then place them on the Suburban Software mapping module and automatically optimize the route sequence for the day. This provides the driver with step-by-step directions to every customer and produces preprinted delivery tickets or sends the accounts to the Portable Propane System in the truck for seamless deliveries every time.


Maximum Routing Efficiency

Suburban Software offers a unique solution that visualizes your accounts by geographical location, branch, driver, and route.

SSS Mapping Screenshot