Forecasting, Dispatching & Routing

Many propane dealers across the United States rely on the knowledge of their best propane salespeople when it comes to predicting when customers will need gas and routing the deliveries. But what if your best salespeople were to leave? Would you be left in a lurch? Suburban Software caters specifically to the needs of the propane industry by calculating these data and routes for you. Keep reading to learn more about how our platform tracks these values and presents the information in a clean and organized manner—or skip to the punch and try our platform for free.


We Predict Your Delivery Stops & Most Efficient Route

Our platform generates a daily list of your customers who need a delivery. Then, it dictates the most efficient delivery order. But that’s not all—the software also shares how much is currently in each customer’s tank and how much money they owe you.

Not Just Automatic Delivery Customers

Our lists include will-call customers, too. Whether your customers are on automatic delivery or call in for their propane deliveries, the list will include both delivery types and integrate them into a singular route sequence. We go a step further by including your other will-call customers who haven’t yet called for delivery, so you can determine whether you’d like to call them proactively and see if they’d like a delivery while you’re in the area. This saves you money on gasoline and administrative billable hours when they call into your office for their delivery and makes them feel special when your team remembers and reaches out to them.


Preprinted Delivery Tickets

We make things easy for you with preprinted delivery tickets, which include turn-by-turn directions to the location and instructions for when to service the account. You have the option to deselect tickets you would not like printed (such as delinquent accounts) and utilize the onboard truck computer system that drivers can take on the road with them. Our powerful delivery forecasting system answers these questions for you, delivering control of your delivery system back to the office where it belongs. It organizes your salespeople’s days and pays for itself through unmatched route efficiencies.


Suburban Software Dispatching Screenshot

Unmatched Routing Efficiency

The Portable Propane System makes propane delivery a snap. Setup as many as 20 routes; then simply select your route by pressing the button on the screen or the F8 Key.

Suburban Software Routing Screenshot

Integrated Dispatching for Auto & Will-Call Customers

See routes dispatched from the office with a simple click of the button. Dispatching automatically includes will-call accounts who have placed an order for delivery.