Cloud, Backup & Email Services

We remind ourselves of a broken record every time we bring up the fact that paper forms are an unreliable way to store data and secure customer information—but it’s true! In the 21st century, we have different and better ways to store, track, and save information about our customers and their properties. Keep reading this page to learn how Suburban Software has curated a digital platform that securely saves your important data and sensitive customer information in multiple locations on the cloud, accessible from anywhere, anytime with the login information you choose. If you’d like to see a free demo of Suburban Software’s cloud storage and data backup solutions, get in touch with our team. We’re confident you’ll love it, so our demonstrations are free, no strings attached.


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Cloud Storage

Technological moguls like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple all rely on the cloud for their operations—because digital storage is the superior way to save and transfer data in this day and age. Suburban Software follows suit by making the Internet our primary storage location, providing the following benefits to your team and propane company:

  • Instant access to data from anywhere, anytime
  • No need for data entry employees to absorb paper forms
  • Ability to efficiently share pertinent information with your customers
  • Protection of data due to physical loss (water, fire, misplacement, etc.)
  • Ability to work with remote employees across the country

Secure Data Backup

We understandably get some questions about online data security. We’re here to share with utmost confidence that we back up all your account data in three places: two secure locations in our system and a third on your company’s own server. This means you always have access to the information you need, and you can rely on the fact that it’s backed up in multiple locations to combat the small chance that one location may fail.


Email Services

In today’s digital landscape, email providers are tightening their security measures, making it increasingly challenging to send emails, especially in bulk. Many providers enforce strict policies to mitigate the risk of blacklisting, which can result in temporary account locks, IP address blocks, or even account suspensions. Additionally, some email platforms impose limits on the number of emails you can send within a specific timeframe. Once these limits are reached, your account may be blocked from sending further messages. Each email provider sets different restrictions, and in some cases, they may allow for limit adjustments through direct contact.

Understanding the frustration our clients face with their current email hosting services, we’ve taken proactive steps to address these issues. We provide a dedicated email server, meticulously maintained to provide you with a seamless experience. Make the switch to our email services today and say goodbye to the limitations and frustrations of your current email host. Experience a hassle-free email communication solution that works in harmony with your business goals and aspirations.