General Ledger

Propane company owners and managers have enough to keep track of, so we at Suburban Software aim to take the burden of data information and storage off your plate with tools such as our General Ledger. But what is it used for? The General Ledger tracks and documents every transaction that has happened on a specific customer’s account. There are a variety of reasons why your propane company should have a General Ledger that’s accessible to your entire back-office team. Let’s dive in.


General Ledger


Show the Customer What They Owe

Have you ever heard a customer say, “I thought I paid that bill already”? If you don’t have a history or ledger of payments made on account, you have no leverage for recovering delinquent accounts. On the other hand, tracking a customer’s account balance will allow you to prove to the customer how much they owe you.

Access Historical Payment Data

The ledger tab will list for you (in ledger card format) every transaction that has occurred on the customer’s account. This means that anyone on your team can pull up the ledger for a complete historical account of payments received and services rendered. You can sort each column and keep as many months of transaction history as you would like.

Enjoy Propane-Specific Features

Unlike generic ledgers used across various industries, Suburban Software has been developed by propane experts from the ground up. This means that every module, filter, and option is personalized for propane experts like you. Our general ledger system goes above and beyond to offer special features designed to meet the needs of the propane gas retailer while still including all the features found on a standard business general ledger for accounting purposes.

  • Balance sheets
  • Income statements
  • General & recurrent journals
  • Financial ratios & reports
  • Trial balances
  • Multiple accounting periods
  • Income statements

General Ledger Integrations

Our general ledger system, like our propane accounts receivable system, was designed specifically for the propane industry. For ease of use, it is fully integrated with the accounts receivable and accounts payable systems, inventory module, and payroll features. This allows your team to access the information they need at their fingertips at any moment.