Electronic Tank Monitoring

One of the biggest headaches in our industry is when your residential and commercial fuel delivery customers allow their fuel tanks to run empty and then call you in the middle of the night or when you’re out of range, hoping for last-minute fuel delivery. Fortunately, we’re here for you! Suburban Software utilizes electronic tank monitors to significantly reduce the risk of customer runouts, reducing your overhead costs to make emergency deliveries.

How It Works

Our integration with a variety of industry-leading tank monitors means that you can worry less about your customers calling for out-of-fuel emergencies and instead focus your energies on your automatic customers and/or will-call customers who consistently order on time. Our technology monitors the amount of fuel in a customer’s storage container, transmitting the current inventory percentage to Suburban Software, which seeds it out to your back-office platform, which adds necessary deliveries to your route.

Our integration partners include the following brands:

  • Fuel Web
  • GasLog
  • OtoData
  • Petro-Viron
  • Tank Utility
  • Teslen
  • Wesroc/Anova

Homeowners Love Electronic Fuel Monitoring, Too

Electronic tank monitoring information, while automatically sent to your company via our Mobile Inquiry feature, is also shared with the homeowner or business owner’s online web portal so they can keep a remote eye on their fuel tank levels as desired. Get in touch with our team to request electronic tank monitoring, both for the good of your business and the convenience of your customers! We look forward to hearing from you.