DocStore: Digital Cloud Storage for Propane Dealers

When was the last time you were able to quickly recall a paper inspection form for follow-up? Or better yet, when was the last time you were aware that a paper inspection form needed to be followed up on? Let’s face it: paper forms are an archaic way of doing things, and there are more secure, efficient, and time-saving methods available in today’s day and age. Introducing DocStore, Suburban Software’s digital documentation storage platform designed to keep all of your information securely saved on your local device or computer, protected by our robust, cloud-based digital platform.

SSS Doc Store Screenshots

DocStore: Ditch the Paper Files

We’re so passionate about making things easier and more efficient for propane dealers, that we can’t possibly allow you to continue using paper forms when there’s something so much easier, faster, and better. Here are our clients’ top reasons why they use love using DocStore:

  • Allows management to store, retrieve, and organize files and office documents in one click
  • No need to store paper documents in disorganized filing cabinets in the office
  • Removes the headache of illegible technician handwriting on gas checks and other inspections
  • Sets you up for automatic reminders of service needing important follow-ups
  • Makes your office “green” and paperless: reference all documentation from your hard drive

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