DocStore: Digital Cloud Storage for Propane Marketers

When was the last time you were able to quickly recall a paper inspection form for follow-up? Or better yet, when was the last time you were aware that a paper inspection form needed to be followed up on? Let’s face it: paper forms are an archaic way of doing things, and there are more secure, efficient, and time-saving methods available in today’s day and age. Introducing DocStore, Suburban Software’s digital documentation storage platform designed to keep all of your information securely saved on the cloud.


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Benefits of Cloud Storage for Propane Companies

We’re so passionate about making things easier and more efficient for propane marketers, that we can’t possibly allow you to continue using paper forms when there’s something so much easier, faster, and better. Here are our clients’ top reasons to use digital documentation:

  • Allows management to store, retrieve, and organize files and office documents in one click
  • No need to store paper documents in disorganized filing cabinets in the office
  • Removes the headache of illegible technician handwriting on gas checks and other inspections
  • Sets you up for automatic reminders of service needing important follow-ups
  • Makes your office “green” and paperless: reference all documentation from your hard drive

Data Backups & Security

Some propane marketers voice concerns that digital files can be lost at any moment—and while no system (paper or computer) is 100% bulletproof to data loss, we take the utmost care to back up your information on multiple secure cloud storage locations.

We also encourage you to consider the chance of loss of paper inspection forms and documentation, which is a frequent occurrence at many of the propane companies we have helped in the past. Paper forms slip between truck seats, fall prey to water or wind damage, and are lost on and behind desks and filing cabinets.

With digital documentation, you can search for any keyword or file name and have the document you’re looking for pop up in a heartbeat.

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Our Hosted Cloud Service Offers:

  • No physical hardware, upgrading, or maintaining of servers
  • Replacement of costly IT repairs by providing managed services
  • 99% server uptime with extremely minimal updates and outages
  • Servers are constantly monitored by our security team
  • Two server sites are maintained for backup security and redundancy
  • Contingency plan in place to prevent data loss in the event of an Internet or cloud server failure
  • Triple backup performed to three sites and monitored nightly
    • The third backup site is your office’s server