Gas Checks

Gas checks are an integral part of working as a propane provider in the United States. How are you tracking these important safety inspections? Suburban Software is prepared to take this burden off your plate. Our Gas Checks module monitors and maintains all of this critical safety data in one easy-to-access spot on your company’s propane dashboard.


Accurate & Efficient Gas Check Documentation

The safety of your customers, employees, and company depends on your ability to accurately track your gas check process. We’re willing to bet that your service personnel will thank you when you provide fast access to real-time gas check details and data. They will be able to mark up the complete service order on the job, print complete orders on-site with a signature, access and print proposals, and enter gas check data. Features of our gas check module include:

  • Automatic routing
  • Interfacing with automatic truck delivery systems
  • Gas price charts with multiple tax rates
  • Delivery analysis by driver and route
    • Customized coaching opportunities
  • And more!

National Association Reports

Finally, we provide national association reports that help you stay on top of federal propane regulations, appliance-specific recommendations, manufacturer requirements, and other important safety information. You can search by appliance model and control number to find the information you need at the touch of a button! Our team here at Suburban Software stays on top of updated safety information so you don’t have to take time out of your busy day to monitor for updates or changes. Simply read the national association report that we provide to learn the latest on appliances, parts, tanks, and regulations.