Delinquency Control

Many propane dealers aren’t equipped with sufficient staffing or leverage to go after customers who fail to pay their bills—but delinquent accounts make up a significant portion of the average propane dealer’s portfolio, and it’s impossible to make the most of your bottom line without tackling this aspect. Fortunately for you, Suburban Software takes the reins of our clients’ delinquent customer accounts so you can get back to what you’re best at—providing outstanding service to your accounts.


Customizable Delinquency Letters

Ever had to write a delinquency letter? These mailings are delicate points of contact that must be written with the perfect balance of diplomacy and firmness if you want to get anywhere. Suburban Software’s Propane System allows you to create your own delinquent letters or to select and print up to ten different personalized collection letters written specifically for propane dealers like you. You can personalize the letters using a wide selection of customizable variables.

When you send a letter, the system automatically enters a note in your memos indicating which letter you sent, when you printed it, and how far past due the customer was at the time. When the customer responds with a payment, the system even updates the memo pad with the exact date and amount, so you never have to remember which letters you sent or what resolution you received.


Collection Agent Interface

Our interface provides these key elements for your collections staff:

  • Automatic agent interface
  • Auto-transfer via Internet
  • Auto-accounting as payments are received

Bad Debt Report: A Bird’s Eye View of Your Delinquent Accounts

We offer every client the opportunity to see an overview of their delinquent accounts in a Bad Debt Report. This report can be customized to include whichever accounts you would like to pursue, defined by filters such as account balance age, months passed with no payment, and so on. Among the useful information in evaluating the account is the customer’s credit record over the last 12 months, their annual gas consumption, and the latest delinquent letter you have sent.


Memos 101

Memos are automatically saved to your dashboard when delinquent letters are sent and payments are received. You can edit, delete, or customize these memos, along with making the memo automatically expire and disappear after your chosen time period.